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What type of skates should I buy

Quad Roller Skates

These are the skates with 4 wheels. 2 at the front and 2 at the back.

The Theory

All skating is all about making curves (called edges). So you are not really supposed to go in a straight line but make a series of curved strokes.
If you are an absolute beginner then none of that really matters. You just want to stay on your feet.
However, we teach you to skate so that you will feel safer, have more fun and develop confidence in your new life skill.

How the skate works

A roller skate has a mechanism that is the same as a skateboard. So when you lean over to one side it will curve that way.
perts The black things on the diagram are called cushions and should be made of rubber.
This allows the wheels to pivot which means you can curve to the left or right.

The Problem?

The problem is that virtually all manufacturers of children's roller skates either don't know or don't care that the skates are supposed to go around corners and instead of rubber cushions they put in hard plastic things
In my opinion that makes them not fit for the purpose.
I guess it would be ok if all you or your child wanted was to stay on your feet. But you are going to quickly improve at our skating sessions, it can't be avoided :)

The Options

1.  Hire some of ours.
2.  Buy some serious skates (especially if you are in adult sizes 6 and above) from here      
    www.skatermate.co.uk or here www.jandpsports.co.uk from about 150 and up.
3.  We have found a supplier who sells a reasonable skate with an aluminium chassis and they change the
    plastic cushions for us and put rubber ones in.
    See or contact me (Steve) if you want a pair of these. 45
You may see these on ebay but they will come with hard plastic "cushions"
Get them from me and they will have rubber cushions.

This really isn't a sales pitch, I don't want to supply skates but have no choice.

Kids feet grow!

There is always a good market for second hand skates. Please don't just put them in the loft.
If you can;t sell them privately then we will always offer you a fair price. We are always needing more hire skates.